No More Babies!

my baby girl is turning 2 in just a short 2 months. i am having a really hard time dealing with it. I find myself constantly saying it out loud to everyone, "she's almost 2" and to her "you're almost 2". she's just changing so much, her face, her body, her vocabulary, her abilities. It's all changing so fast. too fast. i want her to go back to being about 9 months old for about 3 years, then for her to be 18-22 months for about 2 years then 5 years old and then, finally, resume her normal aging path. lol.
i am so in love with her at this age that she is now. i enjoy watching her learn new things and discover her likes and dislikes. she is so curious and adventurous. she plays the harmonica, it has to be the cutest thing i have ever seen. since halloween we have learned that she is an expert swordsman ( Sunny was a pirate and Violet loves the sword). and she's so sassy. when i get her dress she prances around switching her hips and checks herself in the mirror. OMG!! just so cute and i dont want her to get older. i want her to stay right where she is. my sweet, wily and vivacious 22 month old.
honestly, i think the biggest issue i am having is that she is the last baby. after her there will be no more (unless we win the powerball but aint nobody playing lottery over here).  so i will love her up, take lots of pictures and cherish every second.

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